Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Haven bound

(my next bike)
Apart from one trip to the Yale Golf Course and a single train ride to NYC, I've never actually been to New Haven. Because it seemed like a great place to find young, enthusiastic Climate Riders and the fact that it seemed like a logical place to break up the trip to NYC, I set out for New Haven on my third day of riding - a short 34 mile trip.
Shortly into the ride, I ran into a 53 year old school teacher who was out on a training ride in preparation for his own cross country trip, which was only ten days away. Needless to say, there was no shortage of conversation as we discussed bikes, routes, Climate Ride and the fact that lots of people think we're crazy. James would be credit card touring (riding all day and staying at a hotel at night) so he would have almost no baggage - me, I've got lots.
After pedaling around the Harvard campus a few days earlier, it was time to tour Yale, the second 0f the three most prestigious universities in America (with Furman being the third, of course). I don't know whether the Yale education is any better than others, but I do know that the gym there is frickin HUGE. And like most college campouses, especially those in a city - there is the beautiful sight of bikes everywhere. After a brief stay (and some famous pizza, thanks guys!) with a very interesting couchsurfing couple in New haven (the writer/producer and director of New Year Baby), I'll be off to NYC tomorrow.

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