Monday, June 29, 2009

NYC by Bicycle

Truly the greatest way to see a New York city is by bicycle. All told, I spent about a week and a half riding around the city talking to folks about Climate Ride. I went on group bike rides, hung out with the very cool folks from Patagonia NYC, had a table at one of CENYC's Greenmarkets, woke up to try and make it on to the Today Show only to find out that they would be deviating away from their normal (showing lots of crowd shots) program because of the somber nature of the morning's show - the day after the King of Pop passed away. At least Matt Lauer posed for a photo with me. I took a few minutes to visit Wimbledon, hung out with the baketball playin' -soccer lovin' Steve Nash, got a photo in Times Square with the Naked Cowboy. Saw an incredible number of bikes - even some station wagon equivalents - and went to the Subway Series compliments of my new friend Jorge (the above sunset was taken from the stadium after a wicked downpour).


Kyle Crum said...

Steve Nash? He's so dreamy.

Anonymous said...

Glad NYC showed you some love! That downpour & subsequent cloud formation was unreal, right?!