Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 11 - Townsend, MT to Harlowton, MT - 101 miles

"I could see for miles and miles...."

Sleeping through the alarm – that never actually went off because my phone battery died, drying out a wet tent and some pancake and internet time had me starting today’s ride at 11am – ouch! It looked like I wouldn’t make it as far as yesterday, but the good news was that I probably wouldn’t have to worry about rain for a while.

The first leg was a very pretty ride through a canyon and I was enjoying the scenery until I saw the sign. Most times I know what’s coming - having looked at maps or been informed by someone I met along the way, but when I saw the sign letting truck drivers know where they could “chain up” I was caught a bit off guard. I thought today’s ride would be fairly flat, but apparently a mountain pass lay ahead. The ride was pretty, though, and I wasn’t racing the rain/hail storms today so I just enjoyed it. Amazingly – thanks to a little tailwind FINALLY, the miles started flying by after the initial 42 and I made it all the way to Harlowton for a 101 mile day. I had thoughts about continuing on, but some storms started passing through so I decided to find a place to put up the tent. Having found a spot that would be sufficient – a baseball dugout – I went to grab a bite to eat at the only place in town, besides the gas station, serving food on a Sunday night. This turned out to be a good call as a very nice couple (thanks guys!) I met at the bar offered me a dry place to stay the night – inside an old train depot that they’re the caretakers of. I am typing this entry from below the old ticket counter.

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