Sunday, July 19, 2009

8 states, 1 district and 1 foreign country

(Outside the front doors of the Embassy - no need to lock the bike up here!)
Beginning weeks ago in Massachusetts, this journey has brought me through eight states, into the District of Columbia and now, with one call to our friends at the Embassy of Denmark, I have visited Europe. Well, technically, anyway - I was on Danish soil. Since they are a sponsor of this year's Brita Climate Ride (in anticipation of the COP15 climate change conference in Copenhagen), I thought it would be fun to say hello. Among other things, I learned that they don't call people "cyclists" in Denmark because everyone is a cyclist. It would be like us calling people "toothbrushers" just because they brush their teeth. On a hot, sweaty day in DC, I mean Denmark, it was tough not to take them up on their offer to take a dip in the embassy pool. Maybe next time!

We are so excited to have the support of the Embassy and appreciate all of their efforts!

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