Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 1 Official start of the x-country trip

Day 1 - Portland, OR - Hood River, OR (74 miles)

After an exhausting trip and a tour around sweltering Portland, I wasn't exactly well rested for the beginning of my journey. It was apparent, too, as the 'dilly-dally' time really seems to add up quickly when you're not totally focused. This wasting of time might not mean much on a normal leisurely day of riding, but things ain't exactly normal around here these days. I wish I had a jelly doughnut for every time I heard "I can't remember the last time it was this hot around here." (well over 100 degrees again)

After getting through the bustle and concrete of the city, the ride was beautiful -full of waterfalls, scenic overlooks, etc. For most of the ride, you are able to follow a scenic roadway that parallels the major highway heading along the river. Of course, there are a few sections where that road isn't completed yet - on these occasions, you take the on-ramp to I-84 and join life in the fast-lane. Or the fast shoulder anyway. It actually was not too bad except for a little construction and the exacerbated afternoon heat coming from the pavement.

I finally made it to Hood River (famous for its kiteboarding) after what felt like much more than a 74 mile ride. Good things come to those who pedal, however, as, after a swim in the river, I was treated to a wonderful meal and conversation with Pilar, a friend I met while traveling down in Central America.

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Anonymous said...

Proulx - I love the waterfall photo. Is that you up on the bridge? Safe travels my friend!