Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 2 - Hood River, OR - Mary Hill CG, WA - 50 miles

Got to WA the night before, but made it to the welcome sign the next morning.

My friend, Pilar, actually lives just across the river from Hood River in a town called White Salmon, WA. Seeing as she was off to work before 5am and I was hoping to sleep in until at least 5:30, I hitched a ride with her friend back across the river (over an unbikable bridge) to HR to start the day's ride.

The scenic highway was amazing - perfect roads, incredible views and several other cyclists to talk to along the way. Eventually that bliss ended and I did some time riding through a small city and back onto the interstate. It eventually got steaming hot out there again and when I arrived in the town of Biggs, OR (okay its actually a giant truck stop) I didn’t have too many options. It was too hot to continue on to the deserted 80 mile stretch I was planning on, so I called it a day after only 50 miles of riding. While grabbing a bite to eat in Biggs, I ran into Fred from Winchester, VA who was celebrating his 70th birthday by riding his bike cross country - inspiring. I crossed the river into Mary Hill, WA, and hung out there by the water all afternoon. It’ll be an early start and long, hot day tomorrow.

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