Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 13 - past Roundup, MT to Forsyth, MT - 92 miles

Ninety-three miles and one photo. That pretty much sums up today's ride. There was not a whole lot to take pictures of except long straight roads. And it was hot. I had a pancake break 26 miles into the ride in Melstone, MT, but after that, there was nothing - no gas station, no store, no water, no nothing. Well there is the Jersey Lilly bar in Ingomar, MT, but no one is quite sure if it has opened back up again or not.

Turns out the Lilly has re-opened, but is not open today. I did, however, meet a super nice woman passing by that gave me a moderately cool can of diet Mountain Dew - it tasted AMAZING.

After another long, hot day, I eventually made it to Forsyth where I decided to stay for the evening at a campground by the river. And by the all-night train yard, apparently.

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