Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 14 - Forsyth, MT to Miles City, MT - 70 miles

The moderate ride up to Miles City started off on a frontage road, but eventually ended up on I-94 East for the rest of the way into town. Though the traffic is moving quickly past, large shoulders and rumble strips 'protecting' those shoulders make the interstates fairly reasonable for riding out here.

I was thrilled to meet up with 14 year old Aaron early into the ride out of Forsyth and I think he was happy, too. He had just gotten a new bike, but he didn't have a lot of friends with bikes to ride with. It was only 5 miles or so, but still great to have company.

After riding alone for so long, I could hardly believe my luck that evening when I actually ran into another rider. I had decided to ride out in the evening and try to get in 20-30 miles towards Baker while it was a bit cooler (tomorrow is going to be hot). On my way out of town, I had just stuffed down a turkey sandwich from Albertson's when I saw this second cyclist of the day. Chris (not pictured here) also seemed to be thrilled to ride with another cyclist since there are really only a few of them in town. We chatted away for 10 miles or so before we both realized, that I had missed my turn. Like 9 miles ago. Oops - so much for getting a head start on tomorrow's ride. As we discussed where I had missed the turn, some crazy winds, signifying a storm, started blowing and we bolted for his house where I would camp the night. It was unfortunate to make this 25 mile loop to nowhere on the eve of a really tough ride, but still great to have a riding companion for an hour or two.

(14 yr old Aaron and some rando guy on a crazy bike in Miles City)

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