Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 16 - Baker,MT to Scranton, ND - 70 miles

Love MT, but it's lonnnng. Happy to see a new state!

Well, I’m really starting to know my way around this tiny little town after a day and a half, which probably means I need to stay forever or get going – nice folks, but I’ll choose the latter. Knowing the brown truck would not be around for deliveries until after noon, however, I enjoyed the rest time by catching up on the blog a little bit and enjoying a leisurely breakfast. Nice thing about small towns like this is that I was able to intercept the delivery on its way into town and got on the road about an hour sooner than I would have if I waited for him ideal to make his rounds.

A less than ideal start time worked out great, as it put me in the small little town of Scranton, ND around sunset. Upon entering this sleepy little town, I saw a woman I decided to ask about my camping options. She said that she thought the park in the center of town, would be fine, but figured she might as well ask the police. “Umm, okay, but it’s really not that big a deal”, I replied. I was then reminded again of how small a town this was, when the woman knocked on a door a few houses down and then walked right in. A few seconds later she emerged and said the park wouldn’t be great because the sprinklers would be coming on, but the lawn next to the senior center should be perfect. Turns out this nice woman was the Pastor of the Lutheran church and gave me the rundown on everything relevant – what the harvest was looking like this year, where the best food was, etc. I like small towns. And the really nice people you find in those small towns.

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