Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 15 - near Powder Gulch River to Baker, MT - 55 miles

It's fair time here in Montana!

After last night's 'practice' ride, I was about 20-30 miles short of where I wanted to be on the barren road to Baker, so Chris took me out a little ways and dropped me in the middle of nowhere (Great riding with you Chris - thanks for the company!)

While the ride offered no stores or restaurants for 55 miles into Baker, it was very pretty and there were several farms to distract me for a little bit. I got to Baker and made a b-line to the cafe for the coffee and pancakes I had been dreaming about before heading over to the bank to pick up a package I was expecting from DC. Unfortunately it takes UPS a little while to get out into remote country like this and the package was not here. Oh well, I guess I'll actually stop and enjoy the town for a night before moving on tomorrow - assuming the package arrives.

This turned out to be somewhat of a blessing as I took some time to relax, use the internet and to check out the Fallon County Fair. County fairs are a big deal out in these parts and the whole town was geared up - including many people returning for their class reunions. It was fun to take time to really enjoy the experience - hopefully more of this to come shortly. There were some violent winds outside the tent throughout the night, but no tornadoes fortunately.


Kyle Crum said...

More pancakes! I'm wondering what your pancake count is up to by now. At least 50, right?

Michael Proulx said...

A definte theme, huh? I read a part of one guy's x-country journal and he talked about pancakes ALL the time. Somehow I started eating pancakes, too. Now it's those hotcakes and coffee that I look forward to after the first 20-40 miles of riding every day.