Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 33 - Rensselaer, IN to Roann, IN - 73 miles

Time 5:45AM. Or is it 6:45 AM? I have no idea here in Indiana – this state of time keeping indecision. After years of abstaining, they just recently hopped on board the daylight savings train, but what time zone you’re in depends on what county you’re in. Whatever time it is, it’s cold and it’s a not a lot of fun getting out of your sleeping bag when temps are in the 40’s.

After dealing with a useless police department (didn’t know what time the library opened, here in this town of 6000, and wouldn’t bother to help me find out) I decided to warm up with some coffee and, you guessed it, pancakes. I met some kind people here that helped point me in the right direction out of town (I don’t have an Indiana map) and the day was looking up.

The ride began with a continuous stream of stinky tractor-trailers that were apparently hauling
garbage from Gary, IN (& I suspect Chicago) down to this small town just east of Rensselaer. I asked a woman if this was a Monday occurrence or what and she replied “nope, everyday – sure shows how wasteful we are, eh?” You took the words right out of my mouth lady.

Despite some meaty winds from the northeast, I made okay time heading east and, more importantly, my legs felt good. I ended up in Roann, IN in time for dinner, but I guess they don’t eat dinner here on Mondays. Well, not in a restaurant anyway – it was closed. Oh
well, won’t be the first (or last) time I eat gas station food. I found a quiet place in town where I was allowed to camp, but just as I was setting up the tent (next to the sewage station), a nice family rescued me to the comfort of their backyard – complete with a storybook-worthy oak tree, fire pit and an adorable dog named Baron. Many thanks to Brian, Krys, Emily, Eryn & Evan (& Baron) for being so cool! After a super-tasty meal, a warm shower and great conversation around the fire I’d have to say that this was a pretty awesome day.

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