Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 32 - Northbrook, IL to Rensselaer, IN - 117 miles

Chicago has a pretty cool (& crowded), place to ride/run

After another wonderful night’s sleep, it was time to say goodbye to Charlie & Mary Jane – for good this time, I promise! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality!

Today’s plan was to raise the sails and go wherever the winds may take me. I knew I’d be passing through one of America’s coolest cities – Chicago – but from there I wasn’t really sure.

As it turned out, the Chicago Triathlon, as well as a professional beach volleyball tournament was going on in the city, and I hated to pass through without checking it all out. Alas, I had many miles to go before I slept and thanks to two very kind souls (Theodore & Jim) I made those miles without getting lost. Both of these kind souls really went out of their way to help me out – it’s these experiences which make doing something like this possible.

I pulled down the sails and called it a night in Rensselaer, IN where I was again fortunate to have the first person I talked to in town be a local pastor. Mark was kind enough to give me a few directions as well as to allow me to set up my tent in a quiet place behind the church’s hall. It’s good to be back camping again after a five nights in a row of having to deal with the inconveniences of running water and comfortable beds.

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