Monday, September 28, 2009

Brita Climate Ride - Day 3 - Phoenixville, PA to wherever it is that we are right now

Amish Traffic

Wow! What a morning. Autumnish weather and beautiful scenery (okay, and an awesome doughnut) got day three off to a spectacular start. Smiles flashed brighter than in a toothpaste commercial and people didn't seem to mind the rolling terrain one bit.

Curiosity (for both groups) piqued as we pedalled into the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country where two wheeled bicycles met four wheeled buggies and spandex clad cyclists met nattily dressed Amish. At one point, there was a bit of a traffic jam as horse and buggies seemed to pour from all directions (apparently everyone was headed for a funeral). My favorite scene, though, was of the young Amish girls - dressed beautifully in their long dresses - all sporting mitts and playing the outfield in school baseball game - priceless.

At the same time we started running into our fellow motor-less commuters, the winds started to pick up to more than noticeable levels. Eventually the rains joined in and soaked Climate Riders for a second straight day but, like the day before, the rains stopped in time to allow for a beautiful few miles before pulling into camp for the night.
Mutual Curiosity (photo courtesy of Kip Pierson)

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