Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brita Climate Ride - Day 2 - Princteon, NJ to Phoenixville, PA

I was totally taking this guy...

After a perfect spell of weather for day one of Climate Ride, night one saw the skies open up. And they didn't close until late the next afternoon. Despite the sogginess (i helped one girl EMPTY her tent of water - not shake off, but empty), all remained incredibly upbeat. I think the rain even added to the adventure of it all. Fortunately by the time the group I was riding with rolled to the top of a hill overlooking Valley Forge, the late day sun was shining and the view breathtaking. You could almost imagine brigades of Washington's men camped out in the field below.
More great stories out there include the mother/daughter duo participating in Climate Ride on a tandem bike as well as the three generation family of five - both showing that riding a bicycle from NYC to DC is an amazing event for all riders -young and old.
A cast of great speakers including a guy who biked 21,000 miles and a gal who hucks herself down mountains along with a night without rain in the forecast have everyone psyched for another great day tomorrow.

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