Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brita Climate Ride - Day One - New York City to Princeton, NJ

Wow, after four months of talking about an amazing ride from New York City to Washington, DC, that ride is finally here. And what a way to start. Check the luggage (I'm not carrying all my stuff for the first time in 16 weeks!), grab a Clif bar and head over to CBS to make our appearance on The Early Show before riding, 150 strong, down 5th Avenue -a good looking group if I do say so myself.

Everyone is so excited, so motivated, so happy that all the work (training, fundraising, planing, organizing - everybody has been doing something) they have put in is about to pay off. What a positive energy! It's going to be an incredible week.

After some wonderful food and a cold beer, we headed onto Princeton's amazing campus (looks even cooler at night if that's possible) to hear a couple excellent lectures - a scientist's view of climate change and an overview of what is happening up on Capitol Hill right now.

Unfortunately, the photos i enjoy taking so, won't be coming to this blog anytime soon. My little Canon point and shoot has finally given in - it made it all the way to NYC and then called it quits - kind of like Phiedipides (pardon the possible misspell) falling in Greece after making it to the end of his famous run. Fortunately there are lots of folks posting at - check them out. (Thanks to Kip Pierson for this pic)

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