Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 35 - Decatur, IN to Grand Rapids, OH - 83 miles

Barns are cool
After another home-cooked breakfast (I’m getting spoiled), I said goodbye to Sam and Mara and pedaled off into a crisp, almost autumn-like, day. Though I didn’t see any Chuck Taylor clad kids out shooting baskets, I did see a hoop within 20 yards of a cornfield about a hundred times. A couple of nights ago I had asked Brian where all the kids playing basketball were and his response was that “it wasn’t the right season.” I hope he’s right and those basket shooting kids aren’t just inside playing Nintendo – or whatever it is kids play these days.

It was another hard day of riding into the wind and before setting up camp for the night, I treated myself to a large pizza in the little riverside town of Grand Rapids, OH. Man, I eat a lot these days.

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