Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 36 - Grand Rapids, OH to Ann Arbor, MI - 65 miles

Morning at the campsite

The road up through Ohio and into Michigan was great – quiet, smooth, ideal. The same can’t be said for the roads in Michigan and the difficult route up into Ann Arbor. No wonder I had trouble finding advice for this route.

It’s “welcome week” here at the University of Michigan and the town was buzzing with returning students. I made my way to the Red House where some guys were letting me couchsurf (thanks Walter & the rest of the red house gang!) and was quickly reminded of one of my favorite times of the college year – everyone’s in town, but there’s no schoolwork. Ahh, if I were 22 again. Alas, I’m a couple years (cough) older than that now and I could barely keep my tired eyes open past dinner.

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