Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 39 - Bay Village, OH to Geneva on the Lake, OH - 73 miles

Love to see signs like these!

It has been wonderful to be off the beaten path for a while, but I’m also excited to be on a more well traveled route now as it can make it easier to find amenities and also easier to meet other cyclists. After a surprisingly pretty approach to Cleveland from the West (who knew?) luck and timing were on my side as I met a fellow tourer early in today’s ride – turns out we are headed the same way and at a similar pace. After this chance meeting in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we sat down to watch the air show that was going on and discussed all things ‘touring’. It was great to be able to share stories from the road with someone who could really relate.

Marcus and I rode to the town of Geneva on the Lake, Ohio which felt more like a mini Myrtle Beach than a relaxing lakeside retreat – it was a bit of a shock after so many days pedaling through the tranquility of corn and beans. After cruisin’ the strip for a while on our quiet, gas-free ‘hogs’, we grabbed some grub and a beer and prepared for the rains that were sure to hit us during the night and into tomorrow.

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