Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 43 - Buffalo, NY to Niagara Falls, Canada

Rainbows resulting from the mist coming from Niagara Falls

A quick ride over the Peace Bridge led us into Canada where the slightly puzzling signs were found ...

... I think they mean the same thing, but not sure why one has pictures and the other words. Hmmmm. Anyway, a leisurely ride up along the river and amazing view of the famous Niagara Falls surrounded by all the glitz and glamor of....Gatlinburg or Myrtle Beach. The misty view of the falls made it worth the ride up, but without lots of money to spend riding boats, shopping or in the casinos, there was not a lot to be done for a couple of touring cyclists. We checked out the long row of dingy motels just off the main strip, but decided camping in a field somewhere would be better than paying $40 for those dumps. Even the "Value Inn" which proudly advertised its "Clean Waterbed" couldn't sway me. So it was back across a different bridge, into the US and to a state park where we found a nice picnic shelter to sleep under. Unfortunately they came by and closed up the restrooms while we were eating dinner. DOH! A "shower" from the water fountain wasn't ideal, but, hey, it was probably a bit nicer than the shower at the Value Inn would have been.

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