Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 44 - Niagara Falls, NY to Rochester, NY - 81 miles

DOWN GOES FRASIER... Well, down goes Proulx, anyway.

On another day of riding straight into some tough winds, I had just commented to Marcus (who I had now been riding with for a few days) how nice it was to be riding with someone else. Headwinds can be demoralizing, but having someone there to share in the pain somehow makes it easier. Having someone there by your side to talk to also makes it easier to get tangled up. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but we were talking about something -soybeans, maybe - and BAM!!!! (mom you may want to stop reading now) Next thing I know, I'm on the ground - in the middle of the road. My first instinct has me turned around just in time to see an oncoming car swerve out of the way to avoid hitting me. It wasn't a matter of inches, but it was enough to make my heart skip a couple beats.

My wrist, which apparently took the brunt of the fall, was really sore, but thankfully there didn't seem to be anything else wrong with me or the bike. Marcus stayed upright, but went off the shoulder a bit and screwed up his wheel. Fortunately we were close enough to Rochester to hobble in to the city to meet our kind Warm Showers hosts where we had a great meal and the requisite 'warm shower'. Tonight it'll be plenty of ice and ibuprofen for me and a trip to the bike shop for Marcus. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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