Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bicycle art in Philly

(photos taken at a cool bicycle exhibit at The Galleries at Moore)

Another medium-ish ride from Princeton to Philly felt a little long after working all morning and then riding through the afternoon heat. BUT, it wasn't raining. That's a nice thing these days. I met tons of great people here in town and lots of groups enthusiastic about cycling and the environment. In fact, Philadelphia has an organization dedicated to making Philly the "Next Great City". The folks at the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia and the Bicycle Coalition were also extremely helpful as I made my way through this city most famous for Rocky and cheese steaks. I took some time away from the computer one night to go to a movie in the park with my excellent CS host Monica, but, as happened in NYC, the rains came mid-way and washed the spiders (and movie-goers) out. Maybe I should stick to inside movies.


Kyle Crum said...

I've always wanted to poop and ride a bicycle at the same time. I'm glad someone has solved that problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael! We saw you today (July 30) at Bridal Veil Falls in Oregon as you were heading west toward Hood River. We admired your Surly bike! Have a wonderful ride and thanks for your inspiration. Mary Ann, Kim, Gabe and Stephanie!