Thursday, July 2, 2009


The ever impressive "spatula bottle opener" trick. And it actually worked!!

There’s the pretty route between Philadlephia and Baltimore and then there’s the quick route. With little time to spend enjoying the scenery, I opted for the latter and made an early morning Philly exit (hoping to avoid the forecasted thunderstorms) and headed south for Route 40. The one issue with the quicker route is that there is a bridge crossing the Susquehena River that is impassable by bicycle. By “impassable” I mean illegal and sketchy. I had spoken with Walt at a Biller's Bikes across the river in Havre de Grace, MD about a possible ride across (his trailer that he uses to transport folks back and forth is actually an official section of the East Coast Greenway), but I found a nice couple with plenty of room in the back of their pick-up for me and the bike. A crane to lift my tank, er bike, would have been nice, but we managed.

From H de G, it was an uninspiring 30-40 miles to Baltimore where, like a pot of gold, there waited the best burger I’ve ever tasted. Said burger and cold cervezas (they were almost as good as the burger after a 95 mile ride in the sun) were provided by my good friends Robbie & Heather. It was great to catch up with them and to meet Heather’s parents again. Thanks for the lucky $2 bill Mr. S!

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Anonymous said...

Had a great time, and I'm envious of your travels, as usual. I even pulled out the spatula trick at the Jersey Shore over the Fourth of July weekend. Let's just say that I need more practice. Ride safe, my friend.