Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 3 - Mary Hill CG, WA to Hat Rock CG, OR - 91 miles

No gas - no problem. No water - that could be a problem.

It is amazing how persuasive heat can be. As in “4:45 AM seems like a very reasonable time to wake up in an attempt to avoid riding for long stretches in the 105+ degree heat.”

Upon leaving Maryhill Campground, today’s route began with an immediate climb past Stonehenge (Washington’s version anyway) and then onto Route 14 for 80 miles of emptiness. Nothing but windmills (and trucks carrying windmill blades to be installed – ENORMOUS when you’re right next to them), passing trains and a few cars the whole way. Except for the oasis, otherwise known as the Roosevelt mini-mart, that is. 80 miles may not seem like a long way to go without services, but when you’re pedaling AND it’s this hot out there cold beverages, food and a little conversation are a Godsend. Sweet little Irma behind the counter pulls out her book signed by other grateful cyclists and seems to enjoy the company as much as I enjoy an icy Mountain Dew. Unfortunately I did not have time to sit down to read the book for a while – would have been fun.

By the time I made it to Umatilla, OR I was whooped. Thankfully the information center lady let me chill (literally) in her air conditioned building for a couple hours before riding another 9 miles to my campsite for the night. Here I hung out with a Seattle girl who was passing through on her way to starting a new life.

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