Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 26 - La Crosse, WI to Reedsburg, WI - 80 miles

Most of the really cool "wow" moments come early in the AM

What a day! Normally a couple hour break after just a few miles of riding is not a good thing. Today, however, was different. After packing up my tent, I went to Drake and Carol's house for an amazing breakfast and even better conversation. I met this wonderful couple while traveling about a year and a half ago and somehow knew that I'd meet up with them again. It was awesome catching up, but it was tough getting back on the road after a nice relaxing morning - would've been been great to hang out with these two for another day or two. Alas, there are many miles to cover still, so I headed on. Thanks for everything guys!!!

The good news was that today's ride would be nearly all on an off-road trail. No cars to worry about or turn by turn directions to follow. Just some beautiful Wisconsin scenery, a few crazy old train tunnels and Sparta - the (self proclaimed?) bicycling capitol of America.

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