Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 28 - Madison, WI to Milwaukee, WI - 87 miles

What every cyclist needs to start his day - thanks Nate!

An early start and an escort out of town thanks to a nice woman I met (one of hundreds of cyclists out riding/commuting at seven in the morning – love Madison!) had me well on my way to Milwaukee. Unfortunately the winds were brutal today and though I was on a (semi-protected) trail for 50 miles or so, I was exhausted.

As my energy drained and my body weakened, I some how thought a box of Little Debbie ‘Nutty Buddy's’ would magically make me strong again. Ha! Despite the sugar blast three packets of these things gave me, I was fading fast - if it were not for my kind Milwaukee couchsurfing hosts that met me for the last five or six mile ride to their house, I might still be sitting on a curb in one of Milwaukee’s tougher neighborhoods waiting for my energy to come back.

By the time we arrived at Marti and Dave’s house, I was done. D-O-N-E, done. My body did not agree with my plan to ride one more day before resting and so, tomorrow will be an unplanned ‘sick day’. My semi-retired - just back from the Peace Corps in Africa -hosts were unbelievably kind and made me feel so at home. Exactly what my body needed to help recover.

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