Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 4 - Hat Rock CG, OR to Lewis & Clark State Park, WA - 78 miles

The benefit of being up early...

I’m actually starting to get used to this 4:45 am alarm.

Another scenic day following a river led me back into WA and through one of the coolest sounding cities ever – Walla Walla. From there, I deviated from the route a little to get away from traffic and headed up through the wheatfields to Waitsburg where the nice manager of the White Stallion bought me lunch. Upon arrival to the campground I ran into a tourer that had started in MN and was headed to OR and then down the coast to CA. It was great to be able to hear what he has learned so far on his trip, though I must admit to disappointment upon hearing that he’s experienced no ass discomfort the entire trip – mine is killing me!

Though I’ve gotten used to seeing long (80+ car) trains out here, today I got to see a couple of jet liners (sans wings) pass me by on the rails – strange to see planes with out wings.

Did I mention it’s hot out here????

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