Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 31 - Milwaukee, WI to Northbrook, IL - 83 miles

"All aboard!" Back to Milwaukee....for a little while anyway
After a wonderful, but short, visit with the Brendan and his parents, I boarded an early train back to Milwaukee to grab my bike and continue north along Lake Michigan. That was the plan anyway. After seeing the flags whipping due to strong winds from the North and looking at the forecast with my Milwaukee hosts, – more northerlies tomorrow – I decided to head south.

Marti and Dave were kind enough to guide me through the maze of downtown Milwaukee and sent me on my way. Can’t thank these wonderful people enough for all of their kindness and hospitality over the past couple days.

With a nice tailwind pushing me south over the Wisconsin / Illinois border, I made it 83 miles all the way back to the North Brook and the house I had woken up in just this morning. Poor Brendan’s parents – they thought they had gotten rid of me!

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