Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 6 - Parking lot near river to CG past Lowell, ID - 93 miles

I would have loved to have had my fly rod today - beautiful spot to fish.
Despite being hot as I was falling asleep, I woke up really cold. Foolishly, I hadn’t brought the sleeping bag into the tent because I was certain it was too hot for it - another lesson learned, or reminded of anyway.

Temps eventually got up to a scorching level, but I was still making good time along a beautiful river all day. Until my knee started bothering me, that is. After a long break at a bar where I iced my knee and took some vitamin I (ibuprofen), I soft pedaled another 11 miles to camp where I continued the ice therapy.

Not going to lie…I’m a little worried about tomorrow’s big push over Lolo Pass to Missoula,MT.

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