Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 7 - CG past Lowell, ID to Missoula, MT - 91 miles

A welcome sight at the top of Lolo Pass.

Not rain, nor hail, nor construction could keep me from Missoula on this day. I so wanted to make it to the comforts of Missoula so I could take a rest day tomorrow.

Fortunately the knee was holding up okay, but the weather started dodgy and some road construction helped make a narrow road even more precarious. At one of the construction stops, I asked a nice old couple with a pick-up and a camper if they’d help get me out of the mess. Kindly, they agreed and I rolled down the road with them for about 25 miles until the weather was better and the construction had passed.

Another 70 hard miles including a big pass (Lolo Pass to be exact) stood in the way of me and my rest day, but despite the threat of rain all day, I was able to roll into Missoula at about 8pm.

It’s been seven hot, arduous days of riding and I’ve got to be honest – I am looking forward to not riding tomorrow.

(A welcome spot in the woods to hide from the storm)

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